Saturday, September 19, 2009

365:2 Downtown Ottawa

Market Vegetables, originally uploaded by Dave Hassar.

I've been wanting to get downtown ever since I got my camera (yes only a week!) but during the week its not so convenient but we managed to get down to the market today. We ended up meeting, totally by chance, a couple of my aunts and uncle who were acting as tour guides for some of their out of town relatives. We walked down the fruit and veggies part of the market together and then we split cause they were going inside the pavilion (to the Obama bakery) and I wanted to head up to parliament hill. I got some good photos up there as well and I might pull some of those out if I can't get out to take a new picture one day, or some might be up on my flickr page. I took both my lenses today and had the 70-200 2.8 L on for the good part of the day which was kinda overkill for the tight spaces and crowds of the market but I got by and it was pretty helpful when we got up to parliament hill. I did end up using the 50mm on the way back and got some shots i was happy with with that lens as well.

Well I've pretty much run out of things to say so I guess I will wrap it up. Hopefully we will be heading out to Pink lake in Gatineau park tomorrow so that will get me some more photos to add to the collection. By the way today's shot total that i kept so far was 257, i think that is a record for me, hehe.



Friday, September 18, 2009

365:1 Lets Go!

Blue Jay Silhouette, originally uploaded by Dave Hassar.

Alright so i have been putting off this first post cause that means I would have to keep it up :P I am hoping to go downtown tomorrow so that should make for some nice photos and I can run of those for a bit if I can't manage to take a new photo one day (which i hope I don't have to do). Anyways as for format, I guess I can kinda give a little description of each picture and a back story, if there is one to discuss. As for this one, I hadn't touched my camera for a day so I grabbed it and went out to the backyard and just waited, sure enough after like 5 minutes there was a squirrel in the tree. Got a few picture of him then he scampered off. I heard this blue jay before I saw it, it flew into the tree and i got a couple then flew away for a bit and when it came back i managed to get this shot. The original had the bird a little more exposed but still very underexposed. I ended up just boosting the blacks in Lightroom and adding a USM in PS as well after resizing.

So that about does it for my first post of the project, if anyone ends up reading this let me know cause that would be a welcome surprise.