Friday, September 18, 2009

365:1 Lets Go!

Blue Jay Silhouette, originally uploaded by Dave Hassar.

Alright so i have been putting off this first post cause that means I would have to keep it up :P I am hoping to go downtown tomorrow so that should make for some nice photos and I can run of those for a bit if I can't manage to take a new photo one day (which i hope I don't have to do). Anyways as for format, I guess I can kinda give a little description of each picture and a back story, if there is one to discuss. As for this one, I hadn't touched my camera for a day so I grabbed it and went out to the backyard and just waited, sure enough after like 5 minutes there was a squirrel in the tree. Got a few picture of him then he scampered off. I heard this blue jay before I saw it, it flew into the tree and i got a couple then flew away for a bit and when it came back i managed to get this shot. The original had the bird a little more exposed but still very underexposed. I ended up just boosting the blacks in Lightroom and adding a USM in PS as well after resizing.

So that about does it for my first post of the project, if anyone ends up reading this let me know cause that would be a welcome surprise.



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  1. I read it...Have to admit it was mainly because I'd do anything to avoid having to write my essay right now :P, but your pictures are awesome and I really like the 365 idea. Best of luck! :)