Monday, November 30, 2009

365: 74 Mopey Monday

   Today I awoke to the first real significant snow of the year.  There wasn’t a huge amount on the ground because the grass was still showing through but there was just enough to make everything picturesque.  Today felt like one of the coldest days of the season so far.  I don’t know if it actually was but walking out to the porta pack without a jacket was a chilly walk.  I’m not going to write as much as yesterday cause yesterday I was in a super expressive mood it seemed.  I think it might have just been the Christmas spirit, or lack of homework on the weekend but I was in a good mood :).  Today’s picture is another ornament on our tree.  I think both my brother and I have identical ones like this so not sure who’s it is.

   I forgot to mention earlier but I did find my lens cap for my 70-200mm lens wedged in my physics textbook still holding the page for the answers.  It was a good way to start off my morning, I would have been in a bad mood had it not been there.

   Well that’s all I’ve got for today so until tomorrow,



Sunday, November 29, 2009

365: 66-73 Christmas Mode

   Well since American thanksgiving has now passed I guess that means its officially the holiday season, although I have heard/seen signs of the season since November 1st.  I guess it might be because we are going away this year that it might feel like things are happening faster than normal or it could just bet hat the lack of extremely cold weather or snow makes it feel like its earlier in the year than it actually is.  The tree went up Wednesday/Thursday I think, Christmas music was going during that time as well.  We also had the first fire of the 2009 “winter” (‘cause its not officially winter yet) this evening, and I ended up watching the end of Elf, which just puts you in a happy mood, without fail.

   This past week was pretty crazy, especially the last two days, I had three test in three periods, period 4 Thursday, and periods 1 and 2 Friday.  Only upside to that was very little homework this weekend.  I wrote the hardest math contest of my life on Wednesday, I ended up spending the last half of the time just doodling because I had no idea what was going on on the contest.

   I was supposed to have a lot of hockey this weekend, but Friday night at our game, on one of my first shifts I fell on my wrist pretty hard and I figure I sprained it, I played the rest of the game but t’was not pleasant.  So that took me out of practice/beer league on Saturday night, and exhibition game/practice today.  It feels a bit better today but I wouldn’t play hockey quite yet.

   I was awoken at 8 o’clock this morning by my father telling me we were going to get out H1N1 shots.  Now I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen 8am on a Sunday for who knows how long.  I was not happy to say the least.  The clinic was pretty dead however so that made it tolerable and breakfast out afterwards made it all good.  I spent a bit of time today going through last night’s parade photos which will make up some of today’s photos (oh yeah, photos, you weren’t getting bored of reading were you?). 

  I guess I have blabbed enough about the week that was so I guess I can get to the real reason people are here, photos.  Most of ‘em are from the parade last night, with a few of some Christmas ornaments on our tree.  The parade ones were kind of annoying to take because my battery needed to be charged a while ago and I was pumping the flash sometimes so recycle time was pretty slow so there were some missed opportunities.  On top of occasionally trying to press the shutter with my mitts on or a frozen hand, there were a lot of photos on the way to the trash.  Look at me, still blabbin away.  Anyways here’s the good stuff.

This one changed into all sorts of pretty colours :P

IMG_5382  Don’t know what/who sponsored this one but I just liked the way the lights came out.

This one was pretty cool, they had the wipers flipped up and on so the car was waving at the crowd.

“Robots need love too” ‘nuff said.

The mini OC Santa bus.

On to the ornaments!
The s’more ornaments, we have quite a few of these courtesy of Christmas Tyme in Huntsville, Ontario.

And another one from the collection.

   Anyways that about sums it up for this week.  I’m gonna try to keep up with daily posting but we’ll see if school agrees with that.  I have a couple more parade/ornament shots that can be posted as well, or I may just put em up on flickr or facebook, or both.  Until Tomorrow,



Sunday, November 22, 2009

365: 65 Sunset Saturday

  Back again today with a non hockey shot.  Didn’t get a chance to take any pictures today because I woke up at about 11, finished up some questions for work which as it turned out I didn’t need to do, then got ready for work and was at the bus at about 1:25.  We went downtown to the Empire 7 theatre which is located in the World Exchange Plaza.  We got there about 2-ish and waited a little while for Rick, the GM of the new theatre where I will be working to show up.  Then the day consisted of Ice Breakers, Company  values, how to make the theatre look good, and sexual harassment and violence talk. All that lasted about 4 hours.  They made it pretty fun and it didn’t feel too long.  I get to go back tomorrow and do another 4 hours probably.
   Anyways, today’s shot is from a little while ago, the sky was all kinds of crazy colours and patterns with clouds so I went out to take some pictures of it.  I really warmed this one up in Photoshop and that’s about it.

Sunset Saturday || Canon EOS 50D / EF 70-200mm f/2.8 | 1/160s | f/9 | ISO500 
   I should have said this yesterday but if you click on the picture it takes you to a larger version and they all look much better.  I probably won’t have any time tomorrow to take pictures because of work and then homework possibly before and after.

   Well I am half an hour late for Saturday but I think it’s close enough. Until tomorrow,



Saturday, November 21, 2009

365: 43-64 Oh…My…Gosh!


  Well if this isn’t laziness I don’t know what is!  It has been 22 days since my last post, yes that was the Thursday before hallowe’en.  I guess I have just been pretty busy with school and hockey that I haven't gone out and taken many pictures recently.  It seems that 67’s games on Friday are really making the bulk of my photo collection (and today’s blog post).  As well, I really need to start venturing outside my backyard to take pictures, its getting really repetitive, although last time I did get a few nice shots.  I won’t be titling shots or embedding the meta data today cause I really don’t have the patience to look it up for 22 shots

IMG_4700 IMG_4707 IMG_4796 IMG_4813 IMG_4818 IMG_4923 IMG_4928 IMG_4950 IMG_4982 IMG_5024 IMG_5072 IMG_5134 IMG_5163 IMG_5177 IMG_5221 IMG_5222 IMG_5223 IMG_5248 IMG_5258 IMG_5262 IMG_5283


  We ended up getting really close seats for the Plymouth game and it really helps to get nicer angles for the the shots.  Well hopefully I can get back on track again and keep up my posting.  I would have added captions to some photos but the formatting of windows live writer is the most annoying interface on the planet and I really don’t feel like messing with it tonight.

   I have orientation at work tomorrow, which work now refers to Empire Theatres, I am going to be working at the new theatre they are opening on Innes Rd.  I don’t know what I will be doing specifically yet but hopefully that will be cleared up tomorrow or Sunday, yes I have orientation for 3.5 hrs both days.  The theatre I will be working at is set to open December 18th, and unfortunately we are leaving for our cruise December 19th so I won’t be working very much then.

   Well that about sums up 22 days of absence from the blogosphere.  Hopefully I can keep the posting up and not have to make massive posts like this again in the future. 

Until tomorrow,



Thursday, October 29, 2009

365: 42 Leaving Trails

   I did take my camera, I did not take pictures.  Coffee house was pretty good although it seemed kind of short with only 10 performances. After it was over and we helped clean up a bit we decided to go to Broadway's with a bunch of other people who were there already/on their way.  But first we decided to make a stop and pick up Gavin at work.  Worst decision ever.  Gavin said he would be done at 9:30, it was 10:00 before we left Moe’s for Broadway’s.  We were the last ones to arrive and it turned out that I was the last one to leave. So because it was so late and I didn’t have any new photos today, I almost considered going to bed without posting, but then I thought, “I am on a roll, 14 days running, I can’t stop that.”. 
    So for today’s way back playback I am going back to the first day I had my new camera.

Leaving Trails || Canon EOS 50D/ EF 50mm f/1.8 II | 1/250s | f/5.0 | ISO100

    Well wrapping it up here today, I have to drive my brother to school in the morning for 8 so gonna have to get up a bit earlier than normal.  Be back again tomorrow with hopefully some more recent photo’s.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

365: 41 Contrasting Leaves

Hello again,
   Back with another picture and recap for you viewing and reading pleasure.  I am going to need to come up with some more interesting ways to start off these posts because I can only imagine reading hello again for the 243rd time might be a tad annoying for some.  Today was not a fun day at points.  I got a few quizzes/tests back that had plenty of room for improvement to say the least.  I am doing this post fairly early tonight because I am going to try to get up early and go to extra help for math tomorrow morning.
   Tonight because of homework and various other things I did not take an  new exciting photo’s to share but I still have plenty of good ones hiding away from other days’ shooting.  I did two edits of today’s photo, colour and a black and white version available here.  I couldn’t really decide which version I preferred so I will leave that up to you.

Contrasting Leaves || Canon 50D / EF 70-200mm f/2.8L @ 70mm | 1/640s | f/6.3 | ISO200
   I may bring my camera to the coffee house at school tomorrow night, we shall see.  Then depending on whether I do or don’t bring my camera I may or may not post a picture from coffee house :P  Well I ran out of stuff to say about 3 paragraphs ago so I will stop rambling now.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

365: 40 Glass Through “Glass”

   Back again for I think the 13th day in a row!  A few times the posts haven't been posted on the right day but they were started on the right day so it’s all good.  I ended up finishing The Digital Photography Book today.  I’ve only read a few pages of Vol. 2 at this point but it seems like there is going to be a big emphasis on off camera flash which I don’t have yet, and if I want one its going to cost me a few hundred bucks.  Photography is an expensive “hobby”, I already spent a crazy amount on what I have currently, and already I could spend probably at least another grand on more stuff I want.  A wider lens than 50mm ( x1.6 on my body) is a bit hard to fit in some stuff sometimes but its nothing that I can’t get over.  My next lens purchase, at this point anyways, would probably be the Canon EF-S 10-22mm.  Add a tripod and/or monopod, a bag, a filter or two, and I’m sure that would still leaving me wanting something new in a little while, haha. 
   At school this morning we had the high school awards ceremony.  I “helped” organize the grade 9’s from last year/grade 10’s this year.  I quoted helped because I guess I wasn’t doing the job right but I was pretty much demoted to ushering people into their rows.  The ceremony was pretty boring, with everyone in grades 10-12 who earned honour roll the previous year getting called up, as well as another probably 50 awards to be handed out for various accomplishments.  Maybe it was just the fact that I only got honour roll that made it seem so long for me.
  Today’s photo: Explanation on the title, glass through “glass”, the first glass is referring to the glass of the National Gallery of Canada.  The second glass, the one in quotes, is a slang photography term for a lens.  Makes sense seeing as all a lens is is a series of glass lenses (confused yet).  So its a picture of the National Gallery taken from Majors Hill park a few weeks ago.  Not much else to say really other than enjoy :).

Glass Through Glass | Canon EOS 50D/ EF 70-200mm f/2.8L @ 200mm | 1/1600s | f/5.0 | ISO200
   Finally, before I wrap this up I want to share another video that I find quite humorous every time I watch it (which is about 10 times now).  Funniest parts of the video in my opinion involve the police, lol.

   Well I am going to wrap this one up here and I am going to try to get to bed earlier than usual tonight.  I need my beauty sleep you know :P