Saturday, September 26, 2009

365: 7 Illumination

365: 7 Illumination, originally uploaded by Dave Hassar.

I'm behind...again but I keep totally forgetting and this week was busy with school, work, and hockey. Took this one at work on Friday, counting it as my picture for Thursday's photo. I work at a local tennis club so this is one of the light posts taken from the clubhouse/patio area. This was the first time I took pictures at work and it was alright, the sun was setting so light was leaving quick. Taken with the 70-200mm lens this time as the last few were with the 50mm.

As you may see by my twitter updates I have an interview coming up at futureshop for customer service rep. and that is over the phone on monday. Couple more posts need to be done today so stay tuned



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