Saturday, September 26, 2009

365: 8 Changing Seasons

365: 8 Changing Seasons, originally uploaded by Dave Hassar.

A sad sign to see that summer is officially over and that fall is here. Nights and mornings are cold now and during the day it only really gets up to 20°C on a good day, I know next Wednesday when I am supposed to work there is a daytime high of 8°C, I may need to break out a winter jacket for that shift! I took this shot at work on Friday as well and I have a bunch more of this flock as they got closer but a lot of them were out of focus or the sky was kinda a boring colour. Taken with the 70-200mm again.

I haven't eaten dinner yet and it is now 5 after 9. As per twitter I am thinking pancakes :) So i will conclude this one as it has been like 8.5-9hrs since my last meal so if i write much more I think it will stop making sense :P.



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