Thursday, October 1, 2009

365: 13 Lucky Number 13

365: 13 Lucky Number 13, originally uploaded by Dave Hassar.

Behind...again! My plan for yesterday was to take some light trails on my way home from work yesterday but work got canceled due to rain and cold weather which isn't exactly tennis weather, so I ended up going to work on a physics research project.

I took this shot on the day I went downtown, this was at the lookout on the Rockliffe parkway. If there was a name on this boat, I didn't see it or else I would have used it as the post title. I am most likely going to the 67's game tomorrow evening so that should provide some new material to post instead of digging through my archives :P

I played tennis for school today and that was like hell but cold. When i got home it was 4°C out and there was rain while we were playing so my throwing hand wasn't really functioning correctly. Warmed up now by my god was it miserable today, and its not really looking better until next week we get back up to mid to high teens. Still no word from futureshop so hopefully I get a call tomorrow or else I have to start looking for another job :(



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  1. Great shot! I love how the water fills the picture instead of having that typical horizon line...hope you have fun at the game!