Monday, September 28, 2009

365: 9 Home sweet home

365: 9 Home sweet home, originally uploaded by Dave Hassar.

Saturday, it was now two days ago but time moves slowly in the blogosphere so its all good, haha. I didn't actually take this on Saturday, i wanted to take pictures at work but it was just too busy and it would have been kinda hard to get on court and not disturb people. It has been rainy here the last couple of days and its not forecast to stop anytime soon. So thinking back to Saturday I worked, had a staff meeting and came home. I watched Master and Commander on the CBC and I think that everyone should skip this one as there isn't really an end, or maybe I was too tired to get the plot but I must say the battles were pretty sweet. Anyways I slept for 11.5 hrs that night, no idea where that came from but yeh, had two hockey's on Sunday and then pretty much ate and went to bed.

Gonna wrap this one up cause dinner is now on the table plus I have sunday's pic to blog still.



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