Friday, October 16, 2009

365: 29 Fall Corn

  As I mentioned yesterday I went downtown this afternoon after my workshops at the University Of Ottawa.  I took “Why Take English?” which I really enjoyed as well as “Why Take History?” which wasn’t as good, it was pretty much a Q&A about stuff that was in the pamphlets that we were given.  I got my fair share of walking done today though, walking back and forth on campus then down through the Byward market and around downtown.  We started at the beavertails stand in the market, walked down the fruit and veggies stretch, which was pretty empty, then up the York Steps, through Major’s Hill Park, up to the Samuel de Champlain statue near the art gallery and back, to the Rideau Center to catch the busiest bus of my life, the 95 back to Orleans.  When we got on I popped in my tickets and didn't move, that’s how full it was.  I felt somewhat violated at some points just because of the proximity of others and what they would do to let some people off.

Fall Corn || Canon 50D/EF 70-200mm f/2.8 @73mm | 1/180s | f/3.2 | ISO200

   This was the first shot of the day actually, and as you can tell by the picture, there was a lot of corn.  I took this picture because I just liked the look of the way the corn was set up.  I took about 140 pictures today, a lot of this one squirrel near the peace keeping memorial.  I actually have too many picture that I want to post now, and I will probably end up taking some at work tomorrow as well.  So there will not be a shortage in that department for a while.  One of my favourite shots of the day is now my desktop wallpaper, twitter background, and as well its on flickr. 

   Tomorrow is my last shift at the tennis club for the season.  We have a round robin then the Annual General Meeting followed by a potluck banquet that evening.  Saturday night hockey also starts up this week which I am pumped for.  I am just looking forward to playing a little more often than my normal hockey cause he have 3 lines of forward plus and extra so there is much more standing and waiting than playing.  Saturday night hockey we usually have like one or two spares a side so there is no excess of players to worry about. I guess that is it for today.



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  1. really great shot, keep it up ;)