Thursday, October 29, 2009

365: 42 Leaving Trails

   I did take my camera, I did not take pictures.  Coffee house was pretty good although it seemed kind of short with only 10 performances. After it was over and we helped clean up a bit we decided to go to Broadway's with a bunch of other people who were there already/on their way.  But first we decided to make a stop and pick up Gavin at work.  Worst decision ever.  Gavin said he would be done at 9:30, it was 10:00 before we left Moe’s for Broadway’s.  We were the last ones to arrive and it turned out that I was the last one to leave. So because it was so late and I didn’t have any new photos today, I almost considered going to bed without posting, but then I thought, “I am on a roll, 14 days running, I can’t stop that.”. 
    So for today’s way back playback I am going back to the first day I had my new camera.

Leaving Trails || Canon EOS 50D/ EF 50mm f/1.8 II | 1/250s | f/5.0 | ISO100

    Well wrapping it up here today, I have to drive my brother to school in the morning for 8 so gonna have to get up a bit earlier than normal.  Be back again tomorrow with hopefully some more recent photo’s.



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