Sunday, October 4, 2009

365: 15 Keep an eye on it


Game description was in the previous post so I won’t repeat that.  This puck bounced out from behind the net and Perugini jumped on it in the next picture I have of this sequence (not on flickr).  I took a few more pictures at work today so I will be using those for Saturday's post.

I had hockey practice this evening and that just showed how out of shape I am after not having done much over the summer.  I have an exhibition game tomorrow as well so that should be fun. I am currently watching SNL and I had to come down to the computer cause I was falling asleep on the couch.  Both my NHL teams lost tonight unfortunately as well.  I am going to end this post here ‘cause like I just said, I’m pooped.




  1. I'm trying to take one photo a day, too. But of myself. lol! I do love your pictures, though. I hope you keep this up.