Monday, October 5, 2009

365: 18 Fall Leaves

Hello again,

I managed to get back on track with my picture taking and blog posting.  I tried to get my camera and take some pictures today but a of them were either out of focus or just not that nice of pictures, lol.  Monday’s are probably my second least liked day of the week behind Sunday's which I just get a bad feeling about.  Getting up this morning was pretty hard, even though I slept about the same amount as every day this weekend, I think its just the fact of getting woken up so abruptly that just makes me hate the day for the first 30 mins of it lol. This one is of the maple tree in our front yard.  I took it with the 70-200mm.  I desaturated it a bit, I couldn't really get anything else in post I was really happy with so I kind of settled on this.  It doesn’t really make sense but the original wasn’t that great either.

Been using windows live writer for the last few posts as I mentioned before, but I only noticed on yesterday’s novel of a post that it wasn’t taking a lot of the spacing into effect when it was posting.  Don’t know why it just disregards it when it comes to posting cause when I hit preview here it shows it coming up fine so I dunno if I will stick with it.  It is nice cause its got alot more options than the flickr way, which I could probably do everything with some code unbeknownst to me.


T’was an exciting day at school today, there was a gas leak in one of the townhouses across from our school.  I think I saw two fire trucks and some cop cars, and eventually enbridge showed up apparently.  Our school was in secure classroom lockdown for all of 10 minutes which was useful…not.  They brought us to the gym, which was just bringing us closer to the problem, and allowed us outside to the portapak right away for normal class which didn't really make sense as to why we were in lockdown, but who am I to judge.

Wow the last two days’ posts have been novels.  I am gonna wrap this one up here a) because I am out of stuff to say and b) its getting kind of late.



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