Tuesday, October 20, 2009

365: 33 Church and the Apocalypse

   I contemplated not writing this post today but I figured I was on such a roll, why should I stop.  I think I am a little tired seeing as I set my alarm to go off for 6:30 this morning, I did not wake up until 7:10 and only then because my mom came in to wake me up.  The goal was to be at school for 7:30 but that didn’t really happen, I hopped in the shower and grabbed breakfast for the road and got to school for 7:40.  It was fine though cause Mr. Harvey never starts extra help at 7:30, I still had plenty of time once I got to his class.  The math test went alright first period, I kind of ran out of time and had to rush through a few questions, and one was ridiculously time consuming so that one didn’t get finished.  The rest of the day went ok.  I had subs all afternoon, chem. just for the day, french is going to be for the next month or so.
   On to today’s photo.  Again I am going back to last Friday's stash.  This one was taken from Majors Hill Park near the lower end of the canal.  The church is Notre-Dame Cathedral which is one of the nicest churches in Ottawa that I have been in, if not the nicest.

Cathedral Spires || Canon EOS 50D/EF 70-200mm f/2.8L @ 70mm | 1/2500s | f/5.0 | ISO200     
   I ventured on to the Ottawa public library site today for the first time in ages.  I downloaded the Frankenstein audio book because I am going to be reading it next semester in my Literature class.  As well I got in some pretty big lineups for some photography books.  Then by chance I stumbled upon an old favourite author of mine, Bill Bryson.  This guy is the funniest “travel” writer you will ever read.  I thoroughly recommend that everyone reading this reads A Walk In the Woods.  I read this book in grade 7, and I remember that because I honestly nearly broke out into laughter when I was reading this (I definitely had a smile on my face the whole time).  He has a book titled a short history of nearly everything, which is exactly what the title hints at.  My parents both read it and really enjoyed it but I never got around to it for two reasons, 1. The size of this thing is enormous (hmm, just looked and its only 554 pages, but I’m sure its not easy reading), and 2. just the content was probably a little too deep, he describes pretty much the start of the universe in a way the average person can.  I thought about getting that one too, or even going to the library to pick it up because Orleans said it had one checked in, then I though about Frankenstein and Oedipus the king and realized that would be plenty of reading for a while.
   Finally I have two nuggets of internet goodness to share with you all.  The first is the video you see below which was part of a Fox newscast and I just love how angry the guy gets. Secondly still along the lines of oh my god why would you do that we have this link :http://www.topcultured.com/bacon-jam-its-b...you-can-spread/ You can just read the title and pretty much get the idea but there are pictures that are really insightful. 

  Enjoy those? I hope so, cause I know I sure did!  Well now that everyone feels like they ate relatively healthy today (I hope) I am going to head to bed.  I hope that I don’t sleep through my alarm as bad tomorrow.  I think part of the problem was the music choice I had, Amy Milan isn’t exactly wake up peppy kind of music (no offence Amy :P ).  Might have to find some really upbeat music to start the day off.  I’m thinking The Dudes might do it :) Anyways,



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  1. WHATT!?? Okay, well the doughnut burger didn't really get me, they could do better than that! ;P But the bacon jam!!!! That's just wrong on so many levels! It's definitely not going to be a giant asteroid, or a massive earthquake, or global warming that kills us all. It's going to be our freaking eating habbits!