Thursday, October 22, 2009

365:35 Abstract Light Trails

  Real exciting and witty title eh?  I’m sure I could eventually come up with something but I don’t really want to sit here for a couple of hours trying to think up something.  I am going to try to get this post done in 18 minutes and then head to bed because tomorrow I have to get up earlier than usual to drive my brother to school and in an attempt to not repeat last years blood donor clinic incident of me nearly passing out I am going to try to get as much rest as possible.  I drank a lot of fluids today (2 cups of hot chocolate when I got home from school, and now I just drank about 1.1L of water after hockey.

   Today’s picture is a little bit of a deviation from the norm of what I have been posting here.  I grabbed my camera and turned off the lights and took a shot of the light on the computer speakers.  The length of the exposure and my unsteady hands made a neat little pattern.  I then proceeded to take many more picture in an attempt to come up with something.  Then the darker blue trails you see are from the lights on the computer tower.  The picture you see below is a composite of 5 images.  I did have most of the pictures I took in there but it just ended up being too cluttered so I got rid of most of them.

Abstract Trails || Canon EOS 50D/ EF 70-200mm f/2.8L | 1s | f/32 | ISO500

(7 mins gone)

   We had our second hockey game of the season tonight and we had our butts handed to us by the other team on the scoreboard.  We definitely got outplayed in the first period, pretty even second, and better third period.  The final score was 5-1 but in my opinion 3 of their goals were lucky tips.  We did have less guys show up for our team tonight and I played D so I got much more ice time as opposed to last game.  I got a new stick on Sunday and today was the first time I got to use it and I must say that I really enjoyed it :D.

   Looks like that about wraps it up (and early too, still 6 mins to go).  Hopefully tomorrow will go fine and there will be no exciting stories to tell but if there is, all the better, makes the thinking up stuff to say much easier. 



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